Wednesday, November 3, 2010

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know... Nor Cared About

1. When I'm talking to you, I'm more than likely looking into your right eye.

2. When I drive, I make funny faces in the rear view mirror at red lights. It simply brightens my day as well as the drivers passing me.

3. If I'm thinking about somebody, odds are my face takes the emotion of how I feel about the person.

4. I LOVE Chex Mix.

5. I refer to everything to everything good in my life as "Kitty".

6. I've developed a habit of whenever I walk through a door with a light switch by it, I self conscientiously try to flip it. If you watch me walk through a door, my right arm fidgets.

7. If I text you, even just to let you know that I got your message, I more than likely want to hold a conversation. Even if I simply reply, "OK".

8. I secretly want to learn how to play the piano.

9. Every song reminds me of somebody I know. Even the bad ones.

10. I know who has hat box M60. I'm watching you.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Tale

I just got back from the most… terrifying night of my life; or at least one of them…

We went to spend the day with the West family to go do a scary trail in ‘honor’ of Halloween. I was pumped in the beginning, because it’s been a while since we’ve done something like this. Now I know why.

We went to some woodsy trail on Look Out Mountain. The fear started when I found out I had NO service. NONE. ZIP. NADA! They could have killed us on the spot and nobody would have known or cared.

When we got out of the truck, Hunter West carried me around. Then he dropped me. I hurt my foot. Like, it’s still sore. We also saw a shooting star. Naturally, I made a wish… It somewhat came true, though; it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. *sigh*

Then some guy came up and he was pretty old. He looked really ragged and crazy. He was petting a pine cone. For real. He called it his pet and explained why he doesn’t take showers with it anymore. Eventually, some lady came and said: “Let’s go show Morgan you’re pine cone…”

He reluctantly gave it to her and a little girl came out. I hate to be discriminating in any way, and I don’t intend this to be, but she was a two-foot tall adult. She said that he is allowed out of the mental ward for a few hours every day. He said it was just the medicine he didn’t like and that he wanted his pine cone back.

At this point, I was getting pretty freaked out. When we finally went into the woods, I was choking Hunter (West). I was so terrified. I hid my face and some guy followed me and yelled.


“*sobs* Go away, please.”


One of the scariest parts was that they knew my name. They knew everybody else’s, but it was MINE that they called the most often.

“Shelly… I have something for you!”

“Shelly! I’m going to kill you!”

“I’m going to get you, Shelly!”

Eventually, they broke out the chainsaws. I could feel the wind through my jacket. I hid my face again. Apparently I was the only one that was deathly scarred. I mean, through the WHOLE THING; BOTH Hunters were making childish replies. For example:

“Shelly! I’m going to get you!”

“Here, just take her.”




“I see you!”

“That’s nice.”

And it just went ON and ON.

The worst part for me was the end. They all crowded around the house. Our line broke and I thought they would pull of their masks and be all like: “Hey! You didn’t pee yourself!”

No. They attacked ME! I ran around EVERYBODY. Hunter (West) ran the other direction; Becky went toward the trees; Mom followed Becky; Hunter (brother) was nowhere to be found; and Paul was in front of me. I ran to Paul and used him as a shield. Apparently I almost tore his arm off.

They kept getting in my face and yelling. I slapped one of them and (accidentally) stepped on the foot of another. (The funny thing is that we were asked not to attack them in any form or fashion. I feel I had every right.)

When they wouldn’t stop, I ran to the truck and got in the driver’s seat. I slammed the door in the face of one of those demonic, fear-seeking, freaks and locked it. I couldn’t find the button and another climbed into the passenger seat. I yelled: “GET OUT!” Then something tapped my shoulder.

Yea. One climbed through the trunk. What did I think to do? Throw something.

There was NOTHING hard and heavy to throw, so I grabbed the closest thing to me. Paper. I chucked it at his face and he didn’t go anywhere. Just kept yelling at me. I then threw a glove. What good did that do? None.

I got out of the car and hid behind Paul again. He pointed out that I wasn’t running to my Mom. Know why? She would push me toward them. Eventually Paul did make them stop.

They (my group) won’t leave me alone about it. Paul scared the crap out of me when we got to their house by hiding behind my door. I kicked him and he limped to the front door of the house.

I was quite proud of myself…

So… Who wants to go with me next year?

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm in that "mood" again...

Since we returned from Wal-Mart this morning, I've decided to clean the kitchen a little. Even though I rarely come downstairs over the weekend, it was a disaster. I'm currently waiting on the dishwasher to finish so I can return the spices to their rack...

While I move around the house doing random tasks, I started messing things up... Like, I busted a drawer trying to fix it. Then, I thought of THIS:
Yes, I walked through the flow chart to see if I was in any bit of trouble.

Did the drawer work?
Did I mess with it?
I sure did.
I'm a fool.
Does anyone know?
Considering I was screaming at the darn thing, I'm sure at least ONE person knows...
I'm a poor fool.
Can I blame somebody else?
Eh... I can blame the past Shelly for being so careless as to when it came to the proper care of our lovely drawers.

On the up side, I fixed it. I sealed my victory with a yell of satisfaction and accomplishment. That drawer has been broken for the longest time. Now I sit here stupidly laughing at my amazing achievement.

I think the best part about cleaning involves the little things. For instance, later, when somebody tries to cook something or use the bathroom I can say smugly "Don't forget to clean up your mess, I worked hard in there!"

Truth is, I don't mind cleaning as long as I have my iPod handy. I listen to it on random and get lost in the lyrics as I run on autopilot. So, basically, my brain shuts down while I'm still productive.

This is really, depressingly sad. I mean, we had a long weekend... The most exciting thing was my dream about a demonic hat box out to kill me. Other than that I've been in my room reading, taking notes, and watching Lilly run around my room. And here I am, writing a blog about CLEANING...

My social life is very lugubrious.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I've been listening to a lot from Oasis lately and I've discovered a few songs that have really jumped out at me and have be trapped on repeat on countless occasions.

I love this song for multiple reasons. I love it because it plainly states that you can be who you want to be. The world is your oyster and you can live life the way you choose to. Make your own choices and be unique. You're free.

This one kind of just keeps me thinking that I can't look back at my mistakes. I think it means that you can't dwell on the bad things that happened in the past, but you shouldn't be angry they happened. If anything, be happy. There's a benefit from it, I suppose.

This one is just comforting. In all honesty, this song has made me feel better on some of my worst days. It just proves the power music has over the human mind.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Paranoid of the Paranormal

I've been pondering the paranormal a lot since I woke up about two hours ago. It just may be from all the sinus medication I've taken or I'm going crazy. I can't tell.

Upon arriving home at about 1, I immediately went to bed and slept until I was awoken by a blood curling scream coming from the television. I was angry about being brought back to conscientiousness in such a rude and terrifying manner. Of course, once I got over my grogginess, I was captured into the show.

It was about the most haunted places in America. They were, at the time, talking about children during the industrial revolution. They started working as early as the age of seven. I was drawn to the idea, that they, innocent souls, would want to stick around after death.

Yes, I do believe in the paranormal... I occasionally think there's a ghost in my house. Actually, last week, I was laying in bed and I saw a shadow of a man glide across the far wall of my room. It was about 3 in the morning. Let me be the first to say, yes. I'm losing hope in my own sanity.

Anyway, the haunted places got freakier and freakier. I had to turn on my light and, regardless how hot it was in my room, hide under the sheets. I couldn't turn off the TV, because I'm deathly afraid that something is waiting under my bed... And I lost the remote.

I know that since Halloween is drawing near, that more shows on the paranormal will be coming on; but am I the only one who thinks that there is a world in between? That you can actually get stuck in the middle?

Another tale was on a woman who spent the night out with her boyfriend. Resurrection Mary. She then got into an argument with him and left. On her way home, she was then killed by a hit and run driver. Mary is said to be seen walking up and down the road by Resurrection Cemetery. Maybe I'm the only one that finds the name ironic....

Also, let me throw in that I live near a alleged haunted area. Ever hear of Cry Baby Holler? Yea. I could walk there if the road wasn't grown over... I've heard countless stories about it. I even found it in a book. It was the FIRST story in a book on the most haunted places in Alabama.

I guess I'm just proving that I'm an idiot and have so little of a life that I have to waste my time thinking that there is something not there out to get me. Maybe I'm trapped in my own fear that every time a breeze of cool air brushes my arm that something else is there.

I wish I wasn't so disturbed over everything that I'd possibly imagine things to be afraid of...

If any of this made sense, you're probably going crazy too. Congratulations.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is Strange.

Life is funny in an odd way.

Today, we were sitting in English, reading our sentences for Mrs. Monroe. I was completely zoned out and thinking about something else when I heard, "The streets in Boone are bustling during the winter."

Hearing the word "Boone" I turned around and blurted, "You know about Boone?!".

Jack, the fellow student who wrote that sentence, looked at me and said, "Yes, we have a house up there."

I sat dumbfounded. I've been going to Boone ever since I was a baby.

My great grandfather built a house up there and his son (my grandpa) recently purchased it for my grandma and himself.

On a side note, my great grandmother sold it. The house has always been in the family. Above, you should see the house. It's a large blue house by the golf course. I love how the rug is always vacuumed and that it's always quiet... And there's always a possible chance of getting mauled by a bear... Not that I've ever seen it happen.

Back on subject. I'm now afraid to go on vacation up there. What if I run into Jack at the Mast or even in Banner Elk?

That's where I go to get away from you people... Not that I don't love my friends or anything... But I'm sure you enjoy the break from me as well.

I just thought it was strange...

Also, I was there first. Let it be known.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I feel like a machine.

I've been home for approximately an hour. So far, this is the longest I've sat down since then.

I've cleaned the kitchen. This consists of wiping down counters, starting the dishwasher, sweeping, taking out the garbage, and watering the plants.

I've also started cleaning my room. Changed the sheets on my bed, started laundry, throw out my waste basket, ect.

I also took the opportunity to count how many pillows I sleep with at night...

10 and a half...


Anyway. Occasionally, I fall into vehement cleaning moods. I clean until I can't clean anymore. Like the lady in the picture... Only I don't dress like a marshmallow.

Normally, I would be sitting on Facebook or Twitter socializing with the few people willing to talk to me. Instead, I'm cleaning.

I hate falling into this 'mode'.

I feel like a machine.

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